Sunday, August 19, 2007

It has been a pretty good week.

The first of this week was a little crazy for me I had finals the first part of the week. I did pretty good considering the circumstances in my math class I passed by a .5 I was already thinking about when I need to repeat the class but I guess not now. My philosophy class did really good I made an C so it was a good first of the week for me. But I will be back to school starting Monday these next classes will be pretty hard I have biology and US history for the first eight weeks. I will tell you the rest of the classes in eight weeks.

Dad is doing great this week he got a visit from some UT football players. I really think it started out the week well for him. I will have a link of the pictures on the side bar so you can see how happy he was. He has improved a lot this week he has started to move his hamstring muscles and open and close his right hand. They had him up in a walker and he was able to move his leg to walk just not weight bearing yet. Just click on the image and you will see in the gallery "UT Football Players visit with Wade Hughes".


Friday, August 10, 2007

Trying to get back to well somewhat "normal".

Since the last time I greeted you with a note has been a week we have done lots of stuff the past week. Well let's see here on the Friday after I posted last Regena and I went on a well delayed trip to Joelton, TN. This is where Regena's mom and dad live it is about twenty or less miles from Nashville. I was really excited because I got to drive my new car, but then I was torn because I did not want to leave my dad but I needed to get away from a hospital for awhile. Saturday we went to Murfreesboro to visit Regena's half sister at Cracker Barrel man I love their breakfast.

Look how full I am after I filled up with Uncle Hersals Favorite
By the way he is dead so I am thinking not to make it Chris Hughes's favorite.

The rest of the weekend went well we got to see Stacey, Wes and Brian too. It was good to see Regena's grandmother in better health than how it was the last time . Speaking of health my dad has really improved just in the past week. First he can speak where we can understand his voice is still very week but it takes a little time for him to process what he wants to say. Second the PT person said that he is moving his gluts and hamstring but there still need a lot work. Last his OT said that he is getting movement in his shoulder but not the rest of his arm it will need work too. But just keep praying for him and my uncle too that just had a bone marrow transplant.


Friday, August 03, 2007

Dad's Recovery

Well here we go again. Erik and Kevin said that my blog embarrasses their blogs because I have not posted since October. I am really going to work on that. It has been a crazy two weeks with my dad. First I want to thank everybody for the prayers. The power of prayer is an amazing thing. Well here is an update on how dad is doing in rehab. This morning he has movement in his leg (3 to 4 in) and some movement in his arm. He said his name with a voice and not a whisper for the first time today, it took a lot of effort but it was awesome. As of Wednesday the doctors are saying he will be at Patrica Neal (Rehab) for about 3 to 5 weeks. Please keep praying for him we really need it right now for a good recovery. He is making improvements everyday, thanks for the prayers again.